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Short turning top of the Line Powdergun for powder and carving.

169 cm
Width Middle:
235 mm
Width Front:
277 mm
Width Back:
270 mm
129 cm
12 m
Nose length:
430 mm
Tail length:
50 mm
Ideal Rider Weight:
46-58 cm
93 %
67 %

Is the backcountry your home? Then you have to surf the powder once in your life on a real Swallowtail Powdergun.The D-Day is a classic short Swallowtail powdergun. The 42cm long smooth nose rocker floats this powderboard even with minimal speed. And at higher speed the D-Day offers great stability. Just like in surfing, you stand centered on the board, without getting cramps in your rear foot from having to lean back. Turning works with minimal effort. Through less steep sections you float like nothing and because of the genius rocker and sidecut you can traverse higher than everyone else, offering you way more possibilities to play with the terrain. Spring snow, heavy snow or perfect powder – the D-Day goes through like a knife through butter. The Swallowtail sinks in when you push on your rear leg, another way to control your speed or tighten the turn. The board turns much easier than the length would make you assume. It rides more like a 20cm shorter normal freeride board. The D-Day carves extremely well on piste and offers perfect control in steep, icy passages. With the superior mix of the material this snowboard has a proven long life. Ingredients include a dampening 3 layer rubber frame, poplar-ash wood core with ABS sidewalls, Titanal reinforcements, custom extra-strong fiber glass and a double sintered 1,2mm P-tex 4000 base. As with all Pogo boards we offer our long life repair service. The topsheet of the D-Day is real european smoked oak with 3 bamboo stringers. The Pogo logo and a little swallow as tribute to the swallowtail serie are real mother of pearl inlays. This creates the classic oldschool surfboard look.The pointed tip is protected by a hand forged copper guard. Above shoesize US 9,5 we recommend hardboots and freeride bindings, which work good with softboots with angled binding positions, or the Palmer plates under your softbinding.

*Delivery times can vary, but we surely do our best.

  • Bernd
    Suchtgefahr 21 March 2016

    Ein Super geniales Snowboard, auf der Piste fährt es sich wie auf Schienen und verzaubert einen, im Powder ist es eine Waffe die man erleben muss.
    Ich fahre dieses Snowboard mit der F2 Race Titan Bindung (Race/Extrem), wie kann man das beschreiben....mmh Stellt euch vor Ihr fahrt mit einem BMW
    M3 einen Pass hoch und beschleunigt im 2 Gang bis 140 km/h, dass zaubert eine Grinsen auch das Gesicht oder und genau das ist es was dieses Brett
    auszeichnet....YEAH....Achtung sucht gefahr...YEAH!!! Vielen Dank an euch es lebe POGO

  • Claire Laurence
    free ride 21 March 2016

    Hi, I just got a D-Day and I must say how great it is! I was afraid to be too small and too light for it ( 1,60m and 50kg) and the 1,69m is actually
    perfect for small and light women too! Then there's nothing compare with a regular board when it comes to free ride. That board drives you fast and
    smooth on fresh snow like no other!!! I just start to understand the subtility and finest of it! Excelent Board!

  • Conny Lauer
    super genial 21 March 2016

    Ein super geniales Brett! egal, ob fresh and deep powpow oder eis, egal ob offpist oder piste...er macht einfach riesigen spass*** meine Empfehlung:
    mit flow freeride oder tourenstiefel...have fun!

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