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HARDCORE 156 - #062

HARDCORE 156 - #062

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Advanced, narrow carving Raceboard

156 cm
Width Middle:
190 mm
Width Front:
247 mm
Width Back:
252 mm
142 cm
7.5 m
Nose length:
130 mm
Tail length:
50 mm
42-50 cm
90 %
50 %

Flex version available for lightweighted people: Hardcore flex

You want to carve your style with short, dynamic turns into the slope?If so, the Pogo Hardcore is the board you want. It is a fullblood carving board that works best with hard boots and plate bindings. It is really maneuverable and smooth running. You will master mogul runs or steep and difficult terrain with confidence on this board. The turning radius is tight, but it’s no problem to variate it. The Hardcore has moderate width, which means even “Bigfoot” can ride it in a relaxed stance angle. With the hand shaped outline, the exact flex adjustment with gigantic response and the everlasting camber, Pogo Raceboards are the embodiment of incredible grip on ice since Decades. In spite of the extraordinary performance, the board is really easy to handle and leaves you in control even in challenging situations. The Hardcore flex is for experienced riders that want to improve their style and technique. With the superior mix of the material this snowboard has a proven long life. Ingredients include a dampening 3 layer rubber frame, poplar-ash wood core with ABS sidewalls, Titanal reinforcement, custom extra-strong fiber glass and a double sintered 1,2mm P-tex 4000 base. As with all Pogo boards we offer our long life repair service. The design of your board can be as individual as your style. You can choose your favorite from the design gallery or contact us to create your own custom board design according to your ideas.

If you want to experience the qualities of this board yourself, feel free to take advantage of our Testboard Service.
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