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Original Sk8pole

Original Sk8pole

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Mit dem Original Sk8pole holst du das Surf- und Paddelfeeling, zusammen mit deinem Longboard, direkt auf die Straße.

The Original Sk8pole is a 3 section light weight (1.8lbs) aluminum pole that reduces to 33 inches and extends to 6’ 4”.

  • The multi-directional rubber pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact
  • The weight is evenly distributed and not heavy on the bottom end
  • Three section collapsibility makes it easy to transport and stow.

Why is the Sk8pole so good?

 - Simple… It was built by engineers.

  • Mimics nature–engineered to mimic the efficiency of a race horse’s foot.
  • Absorbs the shock–the stress is transferred to the activity damping system in the pusher tip and pole’s flexiblity.
  • Grips the ground– This makes it super easy to use.  No learning curve here!
  • Kid Friendly– It’s lightweight aluminum and adjusts size for smaller people.
  • Easily stored and transported–think about transporting a 6-7 foot pole. Now think about one that collapses to 2-3ft. Yeah, you get it.


Stand-Up-Paddle History:
The Stand Up Paddle Boarding was originally used by hawaiian surf teacher
which tryed to find out a comfortable way to paddle out and have a good overview.
Meanwhile Stand Up Paddle Boarding is super famous - not only in Hawaii. 
And now, there is a way Stand Up Paddle on the land locked aspalt!


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