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Mega Powdergun for skilled riders on the deep days and wide open terrain. Shipping to foreign countries might be more expensive because of überlength.

Manufactured especially for you on order.

230 cm
Width Middle:
240 mm
Width Front:
299 mm
Width Back:
280 mm
158 cm
14 m
Nose length:
650 mm
Tail length:
370 mm
Ideal Rider Weight:
54-66 cm
53 %
100 %

The Maverick is a classic Swallowtail Powdergun with Überlength! In bottomless powder this board performs by floating instantly and leaving every shortboarder behind. In highspeed descents this board has remarkable stability. One is positioned in the absolute center of this board without having pressure on the rear foot, just like in surfing. Turning is effortless with the slightest pressure. Through flat sections you´ll be able to relax and enjoy the glide due to the lofty nose and sidecut allowing you to traverse higher and reach more untracked lines than anyone. The swallowtail helps to regulate speed or make sharper turns simply with added rear pressure. Mashed potato snow, windcrust, ice, hardpack or powder, the Maverick offers the same smooth ride. The board is definitely long but the length doesn´t compromise turning ease. Because of the extended rocker fore and aft, at low speeds it is still manueverable and capable of extreme, radical turns in steep, slender couloirs. The Maverick works equally well on piste as a great carver offering optimal control on steep icy runs. With the superior mix of the material this snowboard has a proven long life and is very light. Ingredients include lots of Carbon Kevlar, a dampening 3 layer rubber frame, poplar-ash wood core with ABS sidewalls, Titanal reinforcements, custom extra-strong fiber glass and a double sintered 1,2mm P-tex 4000 base. As with all Pogo boards we offer our long life repair service. The veneer is from an old walnut tree with 2 maple stringers and a mother of pearl logo and a swallow bird inlay. Simple and classic, this board has a real old school surf appeal. The pointed tip is protected by a hand forged copper guard.

*Delivery times can vary, but we surely do our best.

  • Wesley Warren
    Maverick 230 15 June 2017

    The Maverick is my go to quiver stick.. Super stable at high speed, rails like a beast and floats like a cloud. If you are interested in this board I highly recommend picking one up for your next run.

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