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Pogo Crew: Pascal


Pascal Bonneck

Passi is from Lechfeld, near Kempten/Allgäu. In Rosenheim, he studied woodworking and wood technology. For his sport he travelled to New Zealand, India, Morocco, Canada, USA and Iran. He has learned many trades, carpentry, cabinet maker, and worked in concrete construction as well as at Audi. Finally he landed at Pogo. Here he is productive on all the machines, but his best friend is Elfriede, our CNC-milling machine.


Born: same year as Pogo, 1983 / Untermeitingen
Home Town: Hößlinsülz, Germany
Favorite Spot: Kaunertal, / Mount Bidara, Georgien / Dizin Teheran
Passion: Snowboarden, Longboarden, Kitesurfen, Wakeboarden, Slackline, Radeln, Pogo dancen,
Specialist field: CAD/CAM, Board Prototypenbau
Stance: Goofy

Favorite Pogo Product : Roadkill 95

Roadkill 95

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Best Trick Award im Kaunertal Spring Classic 2009
Hochschulmeisterschaften 3.Platz
BoarderX 2012
Hochschulmeisterschaften 2.Platz
Halfpipe 2013 Hochschulmeisterschaften 6.Platz
Slopestyle 2013 Hochschulmeisterschaften 5
.Platz Boardercross 2013

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