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Powdersurf Leash

Powdersurf Leash

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The number one powdersurf accessoire.

The number one powdersurf accessoire. Better do yourself, your board and your buddies this favor.

There will be now good powsurf session without being swept of your beloved board. Of course you will still fall with a leash, but at least without having to worry about your board. It stays where it belongs, close to you.

The POGO powdersurf leash reliably connects the surfer and the board in case of normal slams, but it's bound to break in case of big impacts to not endanger the rider in those rare cases.

The leash comes with a footband, but you can also attach it directly to your belt or backpack.

Anyway you like it, just make sure that you, your board and your buddies are safe.


• extendable from 0,25m to 4m

• carabiners on both ends

• including footband

• PU covered wire leash


*Delivery times can vary, but we surely do our best.

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