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Citycruiser 110

Citycruiser 110

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Cruise the City! Long and fast board for relaxed city and beach cruising with an extra portion of bounce.

110 cm
235 mm
835 mm
Gewicht Deck:
2 kg
4 mm
Ideal Rider Weight:
73 %
67 %

The Citycruiser is the perfect longboard for relaxed or dynamic cruising. The camber profile and the flex pattern of the board  create a powerful flex. With every single turn you can bring this flex to life and enjoy a sensation only matched by the feeling of riding waves in the ocean.

No matter where you choose to cruise with this all around board, you will surely benefit from the smooth bounce of the board, the comfortable concave and the possibilities the kicktail opens up.

- Subtle concave

- Continuous camber with a pronounced kicktail

- ABS tip and tail impact protection

- Available in medium and stiff flex

- Real wood veneer with mother of pearl inlay

- Titanal construction

This board is available in 2 flex versions:

Medium flex up to 100kg

Stiff flex up to 120kg


*Delivery times can vary, but we surely do our best.


Setup: Randal RII 180mm, Zigzag Retro 78A, ASK Abec7 bearings. Setup can vary from the pictures.



  • Max
    A nach B 27 August 2015

    Wunderbar auch für längere Strecken geeignet!

  • Christian
    Traum Cruiser 27 August 2015

    Ein super Brett!

    Fahre den Cruiser seit über 10 Jahren und immer noch! Flex, Bounce immer noch geil und dank lebenslangem Reparaturservice jetzt auch wieder mit gerichteter nose :-)

    Vielen Dank

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