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Pogo Snowboards was founded in 1983 by engineers and Snowboard pioneers Yogi Maerz and Martin Sammet. All Pogo boards are still handcrafted in our 400 year old farm in southern Germany by a group of dedicated snowboarders and longboarders. Performance and quality are fundamental for our boards, that's why we use only the best materials available and our longterm perfected special construction. This way we create long lasting and therefore environmentally sustainable products which we back up with a free lifelong repair service. As our boards don't lose their characteristics, a pogo board will instantly become your best companion, the one you can rely on in any situation any time. Every board is unique: a superb wooden topsheet with mother of pearl inlay or an individual handpainted design, your dream board is possible.




Because all POGO employees ride.
Because POGO boards offer stability and long life.
Because all POGO boards are handmade in small series without time constraints with great attention to details.
Because POGO boards are world renowned German quality.
Because POGO boards have a livelong free repair service warranty.
Or because we can build any board custom just for you – exactly the way you want it


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Sustainability at POGO

A long lasting product is the most environmentally sustainable. Pogo Boards are known to retain camber and flex response over the years, so they keep their fabulous riding quality and become a truly reliable companion. To extend the life of our products we back them with a free lifelong repair service even in cases of evident extraneous cause. We require an e-mail with a photo of the damaged board sent to info@pogo.biz  to see if it is repairable. Once you have our OK, you can ship the board without bindings.  Include an address label sticker on the topsheet with your phone number and email address, as well as a mark on all damaged areas. The repairs are free of charge. We highly recommend having a base grind service done after all board repairs which costs 25€. Please let us know if you do NOT want base servicing. Boards will be return-shipped at your cost. You can check out shipping costs here.



Pogo bedeutet Gratis Reparatur Service

The POGO board museum




From a tree to a board - The POGO Construction

POGO boards are handmade in a traditional sandwich construction. The wooden core is a combination of European Poplar and Ash wood. The laminates used for a POGO board are exclusive and produced with extremely high quality. The bottom layer of the board has an extra layer of kevlar fabric, which brings an exceptionally fast response and an unbelievably long durability.

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