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Pogo Crew: Heiko Prommer


Heiko Prommer

If we can rely on anyone, it's Heiko. Always there when it's nuts, always on time and always hard at work. He is currently the longest permanent employee of Pogo. Heiko is in the production daily; building boards, and then finish-lacquering so each of them is one-of-a-kind; no two boards at Pogo look the same. Heiko was many years on the Streetskate Team of Heilbronns Burnside skate store and also an avid snowboarder for eons. He's not only refined as paint/finish Specialist for Pogo, but for his low-rider Golf.

Born: 1982
Home Town: Lauffen a.N., Germany
Favorite Spot: Skate everything
Passion: Snowboarden, Streetskating
Specialist field: Paintjob
Stance: Goofy

Favorite Pogo Product : Fox 84

Fox 84

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