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Pogo Family: Celine


Celine Ziegler

Celine is our new apprentice, concentrating on the marketing and shipping. In the Longboardshop she's learning everything that a businesswoman for marketing & communication needs. Her main interests are trade shows, event planning, advertising and public relations. Her father Thierry was the first hired staff at Pogo and helped build the company. As the first-born "Pogo-Kid " of the second generation, she has definitely grown up with Pogo Spirit from the cradle. Her multi-lingualism is especially helpful in communications with our strongest export country, France. In addition, Celine brings much feminine charm to the company.


Born: 1991
Home Town: Affaltrach, Germany
Favorite Spot: French Alps
Specialist field: Snowboarding
Stance: Regular

Favorite Pogo Product : Pogo Lowrider Longboard

Pogo Lowrider Longboard

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