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Pogo Prototypes Manufactory

Since the Company was founded in 1983, Pogo has always built prototypes for special applications. Specialized Pogo Boards won World Master Titles and Darren Powell set the world speed record of 201,9 km/h on a special Pogo Speedboard. We have built different Skysurfers for film productions, custom Sandboards, waterslide boards, Longboard skateboards for High Speed Racing, skis for the Handicapped, extrem light touring skis, Freeride Snowkiteboards, extra wides and much more...

The possibilities are endless and so is our motivation.

The simplest and most cost-effective possibility to create your dreamboard is to order a Pogo series model customized for your weight and riding agility.


Surcharges Snowboard Production:

Custom design varnished minimum 50 €

Custom design handpainted minimum 100 €

Custom Flex 70 €

Special Leightweight Construction for a series model 100 €

Supplementary Insert Assembly 100 €

Splitboard Version of a series model 200 €

Prototype up to 1,80 m 1650€

Prototype 1,80 - 2,00m 1750€

Prototype over 2m 1850€

Why don't you become a piece of Pogo history and let us build a unique Prototype Board for you?!


For all custom orders we need an advance or down payment.


Delivery time 4-6 weeks.


Send your own Prototype Enquiry now:

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