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Pogo Team: Crissi Eckbauer


Crissi Eckbauer Pogo Longboard Team rider
Crissi Eckbauer Pogo Longboard Team rider

Christopher "Maverick" Eckbauer

Chrissi Eckbauer and his twin brother Alex held various summer jobs at Pogo to earn their Boards where together with the Pogo clique & Matze Ebel they rode the Loewensteiner mountains. Downhill skating grabbed him very late because in his first race in Normandy at the age of 19, he suffered a lengthy back injury. The last 4 years he rides with passion regularly in many races and freerides on the go and influences others with his impressive good mood, motivation, reliability and fun, quirky ideas. He continues to study Wirtschaftsingenieurs-Studium completing a Master's degree in Nuremberg. Because of his knowledge, the love of sports and his commitment, he is an important part of Hoßlinsulz and our company.


Born: 1988
Home Town: Hößlinsülz, Germany
Favorite Spot: Secret Spot 104
Passion: Downhill
Stance: Regular

Favorite Pogo Product : Roadkill 95

Roadkill 95

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