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Fisch black 150

Fisch black 150

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Big asphalt surfboard for cruising and landpaddling.

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The Fisch is a one of a kind cruising board with a shape  rooted in Surfboard design. It offers a lot of space to move around, do cross stepping or nose rides just like on a regular surfboard. Despite its size, the board is very maneuverable and allows you to do fast rail-to-rail turns, pumping or cruising. With a length of 150cm the Fisch is ideal for land paddling or SUP training. The engraved graphics, the carry handles and the harmonious outline in combination with the fishtail cutout underline the unique design.

- Extra wide stance

- Clear grip finish

- Basic plywood construction

- Convenient carry handles

- Functional wheel wells

- Engraved graphics


*Delivery times can vary, but we surely do our best.


Setup: Ninetysixty truck 180mm, Ninetysixty Freeride 70mm, ASK Abec7 bearings. Setup can vary from the pictures.

  • Max
    Fisch 27 August 2015

    Landpaddel Wunderwaffe, macht sehr viel Freude durch das eher ungewöhnliche Shape! Unbedingt mal draufstehen!

  • Martin
    Fisch 7 August 2015

    super Board um meinen kleinen Sohn vorne draufzusetzen und mit dem Landpaddle zum Kindi zu schippern : )

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