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Pogo Crew: Martin Sammet


Martin Ifen

Martin Sammet

As one of the two founders of Pogo in 1983, he's designed and shaped the most snowboards and skateboards in the factory. His high standards of quality and sustainability in board production manifest the Pogo philosophy: Handmade with love. With his patience and continuous quality consciousness each Pogo Board turned out as a unique masterpiece. As a passionate snowboarder, skater and surfer Martin's day-to-day passion for amazing boards means the world. He is an engineer and speaks four languages. With his wife Dawn Hammond-Sammet (who was also responsible for many of the artworks on Pogoboards) he has a son named Ben.

pics Yorck Dertinger


Born: 1962
Home Town: Hößlinsülz, Germany
Favorite Spot: La Grave
Specialist field: Shaping and Snowboarding
Stance: Goofy

Favorite Pogo Product : Wingergun 205 and Pogo Surfskate

Wingergun 205

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